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the layman's guide to multiplicity : preface

aka, being plural, v 1.0, the loose guide in conversation by the blackbirds

Seth: Okay. One thing that we suspect we'll be hearing soon is the following question:

What makes you think you and your contributors can talk about plurality and make a guide?

Luka: You'd think that being plural would be enough qualification--

Lucas: Ah, no though, since the plural groups out there are all scattered. I know we wouldn't want a survivor-only standing up and saying that -this- is the definitive way of things, would we?

Luka: No.

Lucas: However, we still have the problem that general ideas and conclusions are not being collected. Neither is a very, very general guide for people to research themselves with, plural or singlet.

Seth: So you're saying this is a necessary evil?

Lucas: Yes, it is. We have to make generalizations to a point and specifics past that while still trying to cover all sides--looking for the common grounds if any. Other groups have also started things like this and we thank them for their inspirations to us. You see, this isn't a project that's -ours-, it's taken from what everyone else is doing out there. We don't own the guide and I don't think we ever could.

Luka: We're going to step on a lot of toes, but what else can be done?

Lucas: And it's easier than explaining the whole overview to people again and again every time we try to talk to them about plurality.

Luka: That too.

Lucas: But we're -trying-, which is the point, and we're trying to do something for the group overall. If you want my opinion--I heard that, Luk--then more people should think about doing things like this before they resort to criticizing.

Luka: I grew up with the illusion that multiples would want or be able to work together, and it's very bitter to find out that they're just as bad as any other group.

Janus: You'd think that having a common goal would unite people, right?

Luka: But there -is- no common goal, just like the people from the lists we read said, so we don't even have that.

Malik: The downside--I'm sorry, can I break in here? Thanks. *laugh* The downside is that in doing so, we have to reveal that we are also plural, meaning that we look naturally as if our information is skewed. We also run the risk of losing our friends, our reputations, everything... just by trying to help as we can.

Seth: Are you unhappy about this?

Malik: *laughs again* It's not really up to me, is it?

Seth: Ok, anyone else?

Aerin: Look, a lot of groups out there have to do the same thing, but it's safer to be more impersonal about it, this is a plural site, yadda yadda. We've added the personal references when we're not being plurals, just people, friends of yours or enemies or stuff but it's still what we have to do. Y'know? That multiplicity isn't just in a corner off in the world, like women's rights or homosexuality or stuff, it's right here with you.

Janus: That was a really strange pair of comparisons, Aerin.

Luka: I don't like it. I don't like how this guide or even this site can place us under scrutiny and attack. Not just from the multiple community either who don't like us and want to lash out, but from our friends. And do you think I savor the idea that people will take the easy excuse to dismiss my ideas just because they can also call me insane in the same breath?

Lucas: Right--it sounds like we've degraded back to an anti-coming out rant.

Luka: *something quiet in response*

Aerin: *overhearing* Whoa! Let's break for coffee. C'mon.

- fin, temporarily