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Originally appeared in Dark Personalities Rants

Cooperation in Multiple Systems

By C House

Two years ago, the body was in the last year of college. We were part of a group of girls. They were and remain our soul sisters. It was a group where we were all dysfunctional in one way or another, but we all accepted those and coexisted in a fairly peaceful way. To this day, the majority of us remain the type of friends where even though distance and time separate us, we are still there for each other in our most dire moments.

This group of girls were Outside (meaning not part of the system that makes up the C House). There was a corollary member for a short time, until it was discovered what a manipulative and lying psycho she was. While she was still a part of the group, she suddenly decided that she didn't like us. In an effort to pit the group against, she took her concern to another member of the group, a very sweet girl who always wants the best for her friends.

The information that she gave to this friend and got this friend to believe, was that there was some secret hidden personality in the House who would rise up and out of nowhere suddenly start killing people.

This is ridiculous and this is what this rant is about (yes, I apologize for the long introduction). Unlike many people's beliefs, multiplicity is not a disorder. The system themselves may be disordered, but that is not from the multiplicity. As a House, we are against integration. Instead we are for cooperation.

Cooperation being defined as each member of the system working together to reach a definite set of goals. If there are those that do not want these goals, finding a way to compromise with these people. It also means setting up a definite means of a justice system in a system. It also means having at least a couple of people that live within the system know the entire system. It also involves having safeguards in place within the system for outside and inside attacks.

A justice system needs to include certain rules as well as consequences for breaking these rules. The rules should be tailor-made to the system. There isn't a way that a book "Rules for Multiple Systems" could ever be written. Each system is different. The rules can also even differ within the system from area to area. What is a rule for one land or house may not be applicable in another area. The consequences will also differ. What may earn a slap on the wrist in one system may cause another system to throw the offender into a prison. All of these things need to be worked out by the system, as well as common goals.

It may be wondered how a system can communicate (this would be primarily by people with only one personality in their body). This can and is accomplished by many means. Some have bulletin boards, some keep outside and inside journals that are group-wide. Others can call people Inside, others hold council meetings, others have computers and files. Some have combinations of all of these things. This is up to the system. It is easier than it seems for things to be known by the entire system, once a communication method is created.

With communication and certain guidelines, there is no need for integration. A variety of souls/people can inhabit one human body and coexist peacefully. This is akin to good roommate relations, allowing two or more people to coexist in a common living environment without killing each other or complete strangers.

Yes, there will still be fights, bickering, disagreements. But when there is communication there is the possibility of working through these things before they blow up into full fledged wars or cause unnecessary pain. This will eliminate the need to worry about whether there is some hidden person who is actually a murdering psycho. It also allows the multiple system to lead a healthy and functional (functional being defined as feeling that there is a purpose or goal that they are steadily working towards) life.

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