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Babylon 5: "The Corps is Mother, The Corps Is Father"

Guest review by Cutter of Vinik

In "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father", in the fifth season of the show, a telepath was being hunted down by his organization PsiCorps for murder. It turned out that he was a Multiple, and one of his alters was murdering people with his psychic abilities, which were much stronger than that of the host.

This wasn't all bad since for a minute, the doctor on the show explained how multiplicity works and that different personalities have their own distinctive abilities, medical problems, etc. By the conclusion of the episode it was also found that the unstable 'alter' who did the murders was trained to kill by PsiCorps themselves, and had gone AWOL.

They also did not make references to creation of Multiplicity by abuse. They left it open.

Though it kept up with the stereotype of Multiple, it seemed to only be for the purposes of a suspenseful episode. They otherwise did fine.

Cutter of Vinik

You may read an analysis of this episode here.

Another episode of Babylon 5, "Divided Loyalties", exploits the tired old idea (even at that time) of multiples created by mind control programming. Telepath Lyta Alexander is one of a number of escapees from PsiCorps being transported in a sort of underground railroad, which runs through the Babylon station. She knows about a PsiCorps operation in which multiples are created; that is, certain people are "pre-programmed with an artificial personality", completely buried until activated by a telepathically-sent password (Swordfish?). After some plot complexities, Lyta is allowed to send this password to each of the top-level Babylon personnel. It turns out that Talia Winters, the station's resident commercial telepath, is the one with the pre-programmed alter. Naturally, she immediately starts chewing the scenery, doing the whole KILL KILL KILL thing, and later gives a sneering little speech to Ivanova, the station's second-in-command (and latent telepath) who was becoming her close friend;

"Always the romantic. The program is complete. The Talia you knew no longer exists. There's just me. You don't know what it's like, living only in the shadows of her mind, watching, laughing at all of you out here. Foolish petty stupid.. There I was, trapped inside, able to come out only at night when she was asleep, her invisible sister. And you believed everything she said to you. All the things you wanted to hear. All the words I whispered in her thoughts while she lay sleeping. The words that would get her closer to you, and to what you knew. You should see the look on your face... my good and dear friend Susan."

Okay, you can take your eyeballs down out of the top of your head now.

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