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Sprite: Between Two Worlds

Review by Janice of the House of Ghosts

July 23, 2001

First off, let me say this had quite a bit of sex in it. Nothing terribly unusual or really explicit, but it was definitely there. Second of all, it was subtitled. Both of these things may turn some people off.

It's portrayal of multiplicity, which it called a "split personality," was pretty simplistic. There were only two "personalities," Manami and Nami. At first it seemed like they would take the way-too-stereotypical good girl vs bad girl stance, but not at all. As the show progressed, it became clear that both girls had their good points and compensated for each other. Some viewers will not appreciate the writer's idea that Manami and Nami are really aspects of the same person. However, I think they will appreciate that this multiplicity was neither caused by trauma nor ended in integration.

In some ways, it did deal with deep stuff, at least in passing. Both girls wondered if integration meant death, or if they might permanently lose the body to one another. It showed glimpses of their other world and even touched on in-system sexuality. It also dealt with how the gent that comes to know them falls in love with them both.

Very cool, I thought.

And it was really funny. Quite silly at times, very serious at others.

I give this one a thumbs up.

Here's another review of it:

Janice of House of Ghosts

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