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Medians and Soulbonds

By Thane of Phoenix.
August 20, 2002

It must have all started when out of the blue one day, when we decided that we simply had to play Tseng from FF7. It's a notion that came to us suddenly, from the back of our mind. At that time, we were operating as a single consciousness - albeit poorly. Our friends thought of us as moody, or flaky, or unpredictable. We had rapidly shifting interests, and it was often hard for us to focus our attention on just one thing.

So, taking Tseng, we started playing clumsily. To start, we were unhappy with him - it was as if, some part of us knew exactly what to do, but it got botched up on the way out. Finally, that part of us would shove to the front, and do exactly as he wanted. About that time we learned about Soulbonding - and assumed that he /was/ one.

Soulbonding is, as we understand it, a connection that one feels with a character from an outside source - such as an Anime, a Book, a Movie, or any other media. It also extends to original characters. This connection is a special one - a soulbonder may feel the emotions of the character(or soulbond) as they're played through, attach special meaning to events that the soulbond would, or even have items that are designated for the soulbond. This was us, and more.

After a while we got connections to a few more soulbonds - ours were very few and far between, though we played a slew of characters. The special connection came with only a few, each who would eagerly await time that they could interact in their worlds, or the worlds given to them through roleplaying. It was their lives, their dreams, and their hopes - interacted with other people's soulbonds or characters. There was a definite difference between the characters we played, and the soulbonds we had.

When we found the plural community - or, it found us, as it turned out that one of our close friends was a multiple - we were given pause to think. It wasn't that we thought that all multiples were unhealthy, or out of control - it was more like we never thought of them at all. Even with psychology class, we just assumed they were few and far between - not out there in the world. Thinking upon the subject, it seemed more and more like our own situation - but not quite. There was something out of place - so we continued to insist on our status as a soulbonder.

Time told us that the situation would not go away - 'soulbonds' who were normally quiet, seemed taken with the idea. It was sort of the realization, 'Oh, we could have a /real/ life of our own'. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that our 'soulbonds' were actually separate people, living out their lives the best way they could - through a character they identified strongly with. Finally an agreement was made - they'd stop being used as masks, and even our public relations department would be given his own life and time.

We weren't multiple, however - we fit the definition of median better. Our 'fire', Max, does not have a voice of his own. He would speak through us, or to us and let us convey his thoughts. This is how it has always worked, and our main frontrunners would slowly get over-worked and fall along the way. They had no breaks. So part of the agreement allowed for everyone to have time frontrunning.

To tell the truth - our life has never been better. Everyone gets breaks, everyone gets a life, and everyone works together to ensure that we're no longer 'moody' or unpredictable. No one has to argue over online time anymore - online or off, there's something for them. We'll admit, that probably not all soulbonders are Medians - but if you're a soulbonder, consider it. Think long and hard about it. It may just make your lives better.


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