Four and Twenty is maintained and organized by a plural group, with the intent of demonstrating both the widespread presence of the multiple as well as the functionality possible. It is a site which currently hosts the Layman's Guide to Multiplicity as well as details of internal governmental structure and individual recreational activities.

Four and Twenty is not a support site. It is not intended to promote FMS, or MPD/DID standards. Do not email us regarding plurality if you have not read the Layman's Guide first. We will likely ignore you if you are attempting to insist to us that we need treatment solely because we are multiple. According to Pavilion policy, MPD/DID is the following:

Plurality and MPD should not be confused for one another. While the two are parallel in some ways, Plurality is a functional, non-disordered state of being: MPD is a nonfunctional disorder, which may require therapy and perhaps integration.

Four and Twenty is a site to demonstrate that plurals are doing the same things as anyone else. We are your friends, your coworkers, and your forum visitors. We are people just like you, and we relate to one another as any singlet might with their relatives or friends.

We just happen to be in a smaller living space.

We aren't a disease. We aren't a disorder.

The members of the group which runs Four and Twenty are commonly known as the Blackbirds. We are a group of people with our own likes and dislikes. We hold down a job and good quality of life, have graduated from college with a BA and honors, and do not see a therapist. As a multiple group, we are the type for whom medication doesn't work well, who don't get drunk easily, and who have a pretty good collective memory.

We also participate in Pavilion as well as being Lancer members. We have signed In Essence and abide by its principles. Have a nice day.