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personal sites

Wanderer of Time : done by Azusa, with fanfiction from Final Fantasy to Xenogears, and ranty goodness.


Anime Music Videos : when you need a really good clip to sit down with.
The Anipike : where we usually start off if we're searching for our entertainment. Yes, we know, it's a site everyone know, but here it is again.
Astraea's Web : a great place for anyone looking for more information on plurality in specific or in general.
Asylum : an e-zine for the multiple community that *gasp* talks about thats like living plural as a choice.
The MidContinuum : Vicki(s)'s site, and we all recommend taking a look at it. It might change how you think about plurality if all you think is in straight lines and black and white.
The Multiple Gateway : another great resource for plurality overall, run by the Anachronic Army.
Standards for Assisted Treatment : we wish this wasn't true. but here's a list, state by state, of the critera each region has for -involuntary commitment, inpatient and outpatient, enforcable by the law- for those who exibit signs of 'mental illness.' Thanks, Gina!
Two Courts : another plural group we work with who have a ton of writings about plurality.
Urban Legends Reference Page : check this out for the blackbird rhyme. Thanks go to Gina!


this ribbon comes from silver ribbon and is in memory of everyone.
why? not because it's 'cool'. because our sister almost was in there.