Generally the best way to get in touch with us is to drop us an email at rooknest at and if you have a specific individual in mind, put their name in the header.

Q: I want to ask you about being plural...
A: If you want to talk to us about plurality, please first check out the Layman's Guide, Astraea, and the Army's Gateway to see if anything there answers your question, and then mail away.

Q: I think you're faking / in need of integration treatment / etc.
A: Please preach to another group. We don't have time for the same old arguements anymore.

Q: I didn't know you were plural! We know each other from elsewhere... what should I do?
A: Read the preferences section in the Layman's Guide. Most of our thoughts are in there. Use common sense.

Q: Hey, what does this make Wonderland?
A: Wonderland is no longer active after the Two Courts and we went our own ways. Lucas still uses his old handle, but it does not represent any ongoing projects.