Name: We happen to be a multiple system. There are a few of us running around, but the people who tend to be up and about these days are as follows. We totaled around eightyish at last count, but a good idea of our government is here.

You can email the whole lot of us if you want, but if you're addressing one person, then it's usually easier to address it to them specifically in the subject heading of the email. Otherwise it's just like any other large family--there's the chance a letter gets put on one table, passed around, and lost before it reaches its destination.

Age: Call it midtwenties, that sounds about right.

Area: Northeast United States

Occupation: Marketing and Graphic Design

Likes: Variously, we like just about everything. Films and books are pretty popular with us. So are RPGs and cats. Some of our favorite books include the Last Unicorn and the Discworld series, and we like most foods except for Mexican.

Dislikes: Cold weather, and when the computer breaks. People who tell us we don't exist, we just wish we did. Somehow we're not really sure how to respond to that. We also don't really like people who call us a disease or insane. I mean, would you?

Habits: We're out and about in the fanfiction community, so if you hear mention of something on there that's in here.. well, that's probably us.