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Names in a greater font are essentially the speakers for their department. They are not quite the heads of them so much as the coordinators for and with other departments. If a person wants an account of, for example, Internal Maintenance, rather than trying to chase down one or the people involved, they can go straight to Matthew. Matthew in turn is expected to keep tallies of what his department is working in and to be able to provide a report when asked.

We have two major divisions at the border of internal and external matters; Internal Management keeps an eye on essentially staff, and can be equated to a Personnel Department. Public Relations keeps an eye how the group interacts with the external world to allow us things such as a unified public face that still allows the First Rank staff to retain their unique characteristics.

For example in this model, Seth and Malik both have the responsibilities of interacting with one another and with the staff directly in First Rank, though they do not have any stronger of a vote than anyone else in First Rank. Seth and Malik are who Second Rank and under speak to if they wish reports in turn.

Sasha and Morren interact frequently with Public Relations, as do Lucas and Luka with Internal Management. Staff at this level are allowed to be more specialized and report up to Seth and Malik so that they do not have to be distracted in explaining things constantly to any Second Rank inquiries.

Second Rank is on the internal side and involves everything from long-term planning to finances to basic maintenance and health. Because they are specialized, if they notice a problem in their sphere of influence, they often send an alert up to First Rank rather than try and overturn matters to solve the issue immedietely, since that often causes confusion or miscommunication between departments. The Consulting Team, formerly the Emergency Team/Communications Team, functions as a training school to help those who might be interested in learning how to work in both internal government and the external side, without having to drop them into a work environment directly without any preparations.

Second Rank is much less formal and more with room for excess or lack of responsibility. People here are specialized further into various fields regarding talents and skills, as well as stamina and quality of work experience. The representatives of each department are responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of their staff, whereas First Rank is more of a unified team without a specific head.

The Third Rank, General Population, is essentially exactly what it sounds to be. People can be asked to or volunteer to take up working jobs and leave here, or they can choose to ride along more passively. Occasionally people are requested to help on single-shot projects. The difference between Third Rank and those above it is that it is recognized that Second and First are the people who actually perform the work of daily life for the group and so are allowed to request time without distractions from them.

Those who refuse to be willing to be asked for participation in single projects--in other words, who refuse to contribute in exchange for being in the umbrella of the general company--are those who are independants. They often are reclusive and wish little to do with either the internal or external sides of the world, and are allowed to remain as nonparticipants.