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Jan 5th, 2004 : Company Talks Progress, Jan 2004

As the months continue, discussion of internal company status has moved on to refurbishing the statement of company intent.

For the last year, the Blackbirds have been living as a distinctive change from previous standards, namely, living surrounded by people who do not know that the group is plural.

"I'm full aware that experimenting with living as a singlet is viewed by many to be an act of cowardice," Luka Kalval commented in interview after the meeting, "and in some situations such as our current job or part of our social groups, we do avoid coming out to avoid possible complications. However, we -cannot- fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable with believing one set or the other of behaviors necessary between type interactions. What we might think is absolutely key for plural living in a singlet environment might only be complacency. Without ongoing study, we cannot seek to bridge all types together, but only fall further into the trap of believing that certain chasms will ever remain impossible to cross."

Luka continued with the following: "Considering we're still quite active on the lookout for opportunities to bring plural awareness to our surroundings, if anyone feels that we're avoiding the problem of plurality altogether, I'd like to know -their- plan for meeting strangers halfway on this subject. It is our habit to travel to new situations and seek to find the language of those who might have never heard of multiplicity before; we are not your stay-at-homes. We are not content to believe that the way things are now is the way it must always be. But this also includes ideas of what we think can be the future."

However, opinions are still mixed as to the allocation of efforts spent for future direction.

Seth Gray arranged for a meeting with Second and Third Rank during a discussion while the most of First Rank entered debate. Seth Gray himself stated that he was not as vital to said debate, and preferred informing the rest of the company whole as to affairs. Talk, however, turned quickly to gossip on the state of First Rank.

"I guess it's important for them to be doing something," was Seth Gray's commentary when asked about the rest of First Rank.

Janus of the Artist's Team was of a similar opinion. "Why do we have to justify being alive like that? I dunno, if it makes them happy then whatever. Like, y'know, I like company intent too because it makes it less awkward to be out around strangers to me who're friends to others in here, but it's not like we're going to spontaneously combust without one. Y'know--BANG! Fuck, I'm dead. That kind of deal."

"Maybe we're spoiled," added Hugh of External Maintenance. "We get these... um, luxuries, I'd guess you'd call them, given to us. If I come out right now and talk to someone we know, I don't have to worry about them going off screaming about how we're crazy just because we're plural. It wasn't always this way and I know that. Just, it doesn't matter to a lot of us who aren't active closer to First Rank because our lives are comfortable. Because we're not the ones trying to work for it or being involved... you could say the reason we're not as enthusiastic is because we haven't had to be in the same situations."

"But we all have a vote," was Janus's supporting statement. "We've got the option of being involved and stuff. And our opinion. Mattering n'all."

"This is why it's taken so long," Seth Gray agreed. "First Rank not only has to come up with a rationale to explain to those outside the group about internal affairs, but also to those inside the group about why they should also care about the outside. Maybe most of these people inside with a vote are never going to take office, so it doesn't matter to them about what they should vote for. But it's going to affect us all. And we expect people working First Rank to be able to handle the whole thing for a -lot- of people. I think that's why Luka gets so worked up about company -anything-."

"It's kind of... embarrassing, isn't it?" voiced Bryant of Finances. "Watching people in First Rank be so uptight? If they weren't like that, though, they wouldn't be working there."

Talks continue presently.