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Feburary 13, 2002: Miriam Asked to Resign, Staff Change Requested of Luka
In the midst of difficulties involving the move, the motion was passed to finally request Miriam to step down from Public Relations. "The image we portray now clashes with the old habits that Miriam was a part of," Matthew acknowledged. "We have a staff of people who won't be able to work in their own way without a lot of PR effort to cover up for the differences." Miriam, who has been active in PR for well over two years, was reportedly happy about the decision and also agreed that a vacation would be good for her.

Luka was also asked to move to Second Rank due to her continued refusals to leave the old apartment and her ex. Due to her level of strain for current work, discussion was made and passed to Second Rank for agreement to outweigh her vote for her own health.