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March 10th, 2004 : Mayfly Doctrines Begin Discussion
Guest written by : Griff

On Jan 5th, the Mayfly Doctrines first began discussion, amidst the long arguments involving responsible plural living.

The Mayfly Doctrines address procedure of staff changes.

One of the opposing arguments presented by Luka Kalval was the claim that detractors of responsible plurals would find fault in the mutability of a group, particularly when a group changes overall direction based upon the common vote of the dominant staff at the time.

Countering this argument was the point by Matthew that irresponsibility constitutes total refusal of even inherited expectations, as in a sample instance of newer staff continuing to work at the same job.

While having a company motto or guideline such as In Essence can assure those familiar with a group as to what they can expect from the whole even should specifics change, some in the Blackbirds are concerned that doing so might cause the group to only be percieved as a mass by others, as insurance against becoming too attached to a group member who might later retire for a brief time.

However, requiring a single individual to remain solely on the basis that they are what outsiders will expect is potentially harmful to the individual along with the group as a whole.

Extended discussions continue at this time.