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March 12th, 2004 : Company Direction Released

"I had things I needed to do. I've done them."

That was how Lucas Kalval began his statement to the Blackbirds earlier today, expressing his reasons for stepping down from office.

"When I initially took up office, it was to deal with internal structure. There have been problems along the way, I'll be the first to admit that, but overall we've come to what I consider a fair result.

"Now our circumstances are different. Younger generations born in these better times have ways they want to travel in. Those who have needed time to get their feet under themselves have. I think it's only fair to let them forge their path in a direction that I know would be much different than if I was as directly involved with government. This is a period of years that's right for them to grow and develop. I say, let them have them."

To questions of permanent retirement, Lucas volunteered the following: "I'll still be around. I think I'm going to do some writing. Government hasn't needed to be as strict, so it's hardly as if I'm leaving."

Reactions just yet are varied.

Many eyes turn to Malik Reve, who is continuing to work out the details with Lucas Kalval. No details have been yet forthcoming, but Reve did give a brief statement.

"It can't... be denied that we have different people now than we did several years ago. Many of us don't have the same motivations, or the same drive. We've been talking about this for the last few months... Luka in particular. Is it wrong to travel ahead? Or will that only earn criticism? Even if it does, we don't think it's going to help us to follow in the paths of one another. I guess... we'll just have to see where we go, traveling the way that we feel best. Even if that idea of 'we' might change over the years depending on who works where."

No further information has yet been given on if government rank will be restructured. Rumor is that there will be none.