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April 20th, 2003 : Company Update, April 2003
Guest written by : Matthew

The most radical change of internal government was in the surprise shift of Luka Kalval from Public Relations to Internal Affairs. This was reportedly due to an action by Seth Gray and Sasha Green of Internal Affairs, who apparently contacted Luka Kalval privately with the offer of allying their department under her direction along with several other departments in Second Rank. Luka Kalval did indeed take them up on this, resulting in her eventual reassignment to Internal Affairs by Lucas Kalval when information was leaked back to Public Relations.

Among her actions on Public Relations, Luka Kalval released Second Rank entirely on the grounds that people deserved time to relax. As of yet, there has been no need to fully reassemble, though productivity has been low for overall commpany results. Since productivity has been very high for individuals, there has of yet been no motions to reverse her action.

Kristos Dolphekin, moved to the Consulting Team of Second Rank, called for the motion to have Consulting used as a training organization as well. The intent was for those just starting out in government to have a chance to learn the ropes before being launched directly into office with little training. Those being trained by Consulting have participated in programs where they attend other departments for a time with assistance and try their hands at the work in limited degrees with observation to determine if they are appropriate or not. This has so far given positive results and will continue.

Sasha Green, a part of Internal Affairs, proposed for a subdepartment within Internals that would help bolster time for people to be able to relax with recreation. Because of this, the primary shares of time have been allocated to his project. Reportedly there have been positive results, and he is allowed to continue.