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June 7, 2002: Lucas Kalval Steps Down, Seth Grey Made Acting CEO
It was announced today that Lucas Kalval, CEO and Founder of the revised Blackbirds governmental model, had officially stepped down to a secondary position in Internal Affairs.

Lucas named Seth Gray as a replacement on May 23rd, 2002, though the decision was eventually modified to keep the changeover to an Acting CEO rather than a complete replacement.

It is a widely held opinion by many in the Blackbirds that Lucas should remain.

"I didn't think that he'd go down, I mean, not after he got Luka to drop stuff," Janus responded from the Artist's Panel. "We all thought he'd stay there forever if only to lord it over her. Uh, you're not quoting that part too, are you?"

"It came as a surprise to everyone," was Jade from the Planning Department's only statement to agree.

Rumors have it that not everyone was taken off guard by the action; Malik was specifically unavailable for comment, and Seth's only reaction was that he had been the one named. "I thought he would have chosen Matthew. Everyone knows I'm not really typical for the group. You need someone typical to represent the whole since they'll be seen so much, right?"

When asked for his rationales, Lucas only replied: "It's about time I stopped having to be a pandering dolt had a chance to take a vacation and recover my own momentum. I must say I look forward to the opportunity. Having to compromise for so many whining simpletons The constant requirement of understanding is a good one, but it can be wearing upon the soul if you continue to let fools drive your social appearance without occasional times to remind you of who and what you personally are.

"Seth is insane. I respect that. very well balanced for handling the directions of our lives at this point in time. I believe strongly in his capacity to destroy anything in our way and not look back keep stress levels low and personal motivations high."

Lucas refused to comment further, saying only that such a move changed nothing in practical terms, as he will continue to be a driving force for the group.

In other news, the rumored agreement between Lucas and the Planning Department may have been nullified by the position switch. Some are betting that that had been the man's true objective, though Jade has refused to respond to inquiries on the subject.