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June 11, 2002 : Motion of Political Factions Made, Refused 3-2
The proposal for allowing formation political factions was again rejected by the current First Rank members, which at the time included Seth Gray, Matthew, Lucas Kalval in Internal Affairs and Kristos, Luka Kalval, and Malik Reve in Public Relations.

The motion was brought into play by Jade of the Planning Department and tenatively seconded by Cinnamon and Esse for the Occupational Work Team, also known as the Artist's Panel.

Malik put forth a defense to the effect that to do so would be to further factionalize the branching governmental system, as well as to return to previous models which he cited past opinions of as being distracting and demoralizing to the whole. He was backed by Kristos, whose standing was not supported as strongly by Jade but who won the agreement of Janus, the primary representative of the Artist's Panel. The motion was declined at 3 - 2 against with Seth abstaining. Notable was Matthew's vote for the motion, countering Lucas's preference against.

Many say that the slide towards an alignment of various political beliefs was inevitable; though it is known that many of the common voting pool and Second Rank are accustomed to the divisions of parties, it has long been a statement at the foundation of Lucas Kalval's Revision that all should be equal regardless of personal philosophies.

Lucas's criticizers have spoken frequently that the man does not follow his own preaching, citing the hiring into front-work of otherwise inexperienced persons such as Matthew and Kristos and the seizing of Seth into his circle, and bringing to bear the fact that he has been known to commonly declare that his governmental model will 'harbor only those with the desire to move forward as an active group.'

Lucas's sole comment on the matter was that he feared those with dissimilar political alignments would be prejudiced against when they serve in office. When asked about rumors that he had filled First Rank deliberately with his sympathizers, Lucas only added, "Even if such a thing were true, you cannot deny that group productivity has risen tenfold. Perhaps they follow my standard, but maybe I simply happen to harbor a better one than the inefficent idiocy of Kit and Jade's time which led to petty strife and favoritism rather than group health and happiness a good one."

The choice to refrain from voting also recieved little comment from Seth, who, as the new Acting CEO of Internal Affairs, was expected to cast as a major factor. "Don't believe in smoke," was his cryptic reply.