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July 15, 2002 : Redeclaration Action Made, Votes Stripped
While hints of what would shake the Blackbirds were seen all throughout the weekend, nothing truly prepared the field for the measure enacted by Seth Gray and Kristos Dolphekin come Monday night. Utilizing old provisions from Emergency Law, the two laid out the mandate of a Redeclaration review.

As has been previously established, those involved in Redeclaration may not cast a relevant vote and are withheld from current and exterior matters. However, never before has a review extended to encompass nearly the entire population, nor has it so strictly revoked rights from people in the interim.

As a result, votes were stripped groupwide in the official statement by both CEOs of Public Relations and Internal Affairs, leaving only the six figures of First Rank in possible controlling authority out of a population reaching over eighty. Of those six, Luka Kalval was instantly barred by reminder of the lingering restriction from Internal Health revoking her right to vote due to personal stresses, and Matthew reportedly refused his own vote altogether, stating that he himself should redeclare under these circumstances.

Seth Gray of Internal Affairs and Kristos Dolphekin of Public Relations, both renowned for their complete lack of authoritative motions despite being in relative coordinations for their branches, agreed to and declared the action almost entirely out of the blue.

Unable to understand the rationales why, many Blackbirds attempted to wrest the reasons out of Seth and Kristos by force, only to be thwarted by Seth's talents of keeping others out of his personal mental space. More serious attempts failed, implying that there will be others as people seek their answers from those labeled as the Lux political circle.

"If they persist, then they persist only to their own endangerment," Seth commented about the rising number of assaults upon himself and Kristos for information.

The only person reportedly unsurprised was Luka Kalval of Public Relations, whose response was, "I knew my bastard of a brother was up to something." Luka is also up for review due to having an incomplete on her last one, though reportedly her position is not at risk of being removed permanently at this time.

Redeclaration entails self-estimation and a reviewing of personal qualities and skills, along with the ability to argue for one's position in certain cases of individual nature. These cases include tendancies to cause disruptions to others through personal attacks, though the criteria has recently been expanded due to an action by Jessica of the Emergency Unit who had apparently transferred to the Planning Division mere days before this occured.

Reasonings of how and why exactly a member of the Emergency Unit did so and who signed Jessica's transfer papers are still under investigation.

"I would call this militiant law," commented Justine of the Planning Division before she was selected in the next round of sweeps.

"I think you should all think very ill of me," was Lucas Kalval's extremely casual response for Public Relations to release. "Feel free to prepare wood with which to burn me at the stake." As part of this he requested also the imagery of himself relaxing in the shade with a cup of tea to be communicated with the package, attached with the specific overtones of 'tyrant', 'murderer' and 'betrayer.'

"Oh, right, and like if he's asking you to think in one direction what are you going to believe about -that-," Janus of the Artist's Panel scoffed. When asked if his belief in the man was related to the fact that the artist's Redeclaration requirements consisted of only a brief three-paragraph essay, Janus declined to answer. He also refused to touch the topic of coup loyalties.

"If he wants you to blame him, there's likely something else going on entirely," Malik Reve of Public Relations agreed, though he also attached an image of tea in summertime as well.

Disturbingly, many of those in Second and Third Rank who were expected to respond in countermeasures against such an action were found to be either missing or already involved in defending their positions in Redeclaration rounds.