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August 1, 2002 : Redeclaration Action Completed, Company Reorganized
As the reverberations of the Mass Redeclaration have begun to die down, many from Third Rank have found themselves in hired positions as previous applications or suggestions have been taken in favor of their qualifications.

The role of the Emergency Team has been changed to that of consultants with First Rank rather than replacement of in times of distress. They are intended also to bridge the gap between Third Rank and First/Second so that both Ranks will be able to hear the concerns of the Third without becoming diverted from matters that require immediate attention.

Internal/External Maintenance has also been divided into two departments, the first being Internal Public Maintenance and references Third Rank more directly, and the latter being External Maintenance, which continues to monitor the health and well-being of the body.

The Planning Department has also changed to become incorporated with First Rank's already existing duties, as the function of the two are very similar already.

As was expected, the primary roles throughout the governmental structure have not changed, nor have there been any problems with organization of a functional and cooperative staff despite the relative inexperience many have had to their recent positions.

"Attitudes are the most important thing of all right now," Matthew of Internal Affairs stated. "It's even a good thing. People will grow together and go through their learning experiences in a group."

Surprisingly, Lucas Kalval of Internal Affairs did not return to the position of CEO within his department. When asked for comment, the man was found to be apparently occupied and hence unavailable. Seth Grey, the current Acting CEO, also had nothing to say.

Opinions group-wide are currently focused less on politics than on an idea for the future and renewed hope for possibilities. General sentiment is that this is, indeed, better than before. Spirits are high and as of this time, there is only continued work and organization rather than political arguements.