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August 3rd, 2004 : Governmental Measures Continue

After severe setbacks, despite the intial positive start to the year, the Blackbirds government continues to work on keeping daily business as stable as ever.

Malik Reve, originally in the position to oversee more of Internal Affairs with Lucas Kalval's stepping down, was unfortunately taken out of commission due to unforeseen events.

Malik Reve's status remains under watch. It has been confirmed as present. Hugh of the Internal Maintenance team has assured the Blackbirds that Malik is under surveillance, despite his repeated disapperances and communication blackouts.

In the meantime, Christopher has taken up the role of Internal Affairs, along with Lucas Kalval's return to office. Lucas refused to comment about events, saying only that he requested those in the Blackbirds to remain on alert for Malik if they are able. Minor-level conversations have been largely restored, but matters remain cautious.

Christopher has established himself as a capable worker, able to interact well with Seth Gray. Many assume he will be voted in permanently, allowing Morren to step down, after Morren's declaration that he did not feel suited for his position.