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September 29th, 2004 : General Company Report

Due to some external confusion over the state of affairs of this last year, a general status report was requested for filing purposes on the Four and Twenty website.

"This is what we get for not remembering to update!" Seth Gray of Internal Affairs was quoted as saying, along with, "Someone make the Artists do it, okay?"

Malik Reve, recently placed under medical supervision due to the decline of his health during this past year, has been reported as stable. While he has resumed his duties under the watch of Internal Maintenance, along with Griff and Isere (Consulting Team), there has been enough company support and interaction that no single individual is required to be under strain for any great length of time. Kirstin of the Financial Department reports that everything remains financially solvent, despite the occasional bills and expenses. Both Luka Kalval (Public Relations) and Benjamin (External Maintenance) have been working together with Kirstin to coordinate such tasks as routine dental checkups, eye exams, car repairs, and other regular business over the 2004 year.

With the duration of Reve's illness, Luka Kalval has returned to Public Relations, citing the needs of the Blackbirds' job and her own experience in a business environment. This return has not been contested. Public Relations, currently staffed by the team of Malik Reve, Luka Kalval, and Christopher, have reported smooth operations that allow nearly any individual from the company a chance to have time out without being percieved as strange by the company's social environment.

The Occupational Work Team, also known as the Artists' Team, have chosen to keep moving ahead with their training in marketing skills, and have also managed to follow a loose schedule of keeping in practice with their own drafting abilities. Rivaling this in time constraints is the addition of Lucas Kalval's own writing hobby. The two fields both are currently splitting available time for their pursuits, but with no real issues resulting.

Despite the troubles of the 2004 year, the company has remained primarily stable and healthy. At this point in time, First and Second Rank both report no troubles in any departments, and that the population of the Blackbirds is prosperous and active.