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October 2nd, 2002 : Performance Review, October 2002
After two months with the new staff changes, the call has come to review performances and behaviors of both recent electees and ongoing officials.

With the shift in affairs in terms of Pavilion construction as well as recent stresses, the development of skill for the whole has been called under review. Luka Kalval of Public Relations and Seth Gray of Internal Affairs have organized the time free to allow the Communications Team, formerly known as the Emergency Team, to perform their first offical duties as coordinators amidst the overall ranks.

"I don't think we have a solid management team," was Griff's response when called in as a consultant from the Communications Team. "I can't see a good way to assemble one right now. Morren and Sasha are both new, and Seth has a record of being hard to communicate with."

When asked about Public Relations, Griff said that, "with Lucas in recovery, we have a temp in PR as well. Luka and Malik are experienced, so they should be able to hold their end of things up, but they can't be expected to cover for Internal Affairs on top of it."

Since Lucas Kalval's sudden collapse in the middle of his work two weeks ago, the overall mood has been grim.

"I knew my brother had been pushing it," Luka Kalval of Public Relations stated. "I wish he'd give a reason the rest of us could understand about why he didn't take care of himself."

Most of the populace, voiced most outspokenly by Sasha, currently of Internals, were of the opinion that Lucas's exhaustion was due to stress with the number of external affairs of the past few months. Reports now released by Public Relations reveal that Malik Reve had been actively working to keep such an event from occuring for some time, but had been unable to counter Lucas during the extended struggle.

"Most of the people on Communications are also inexperienced," Griff continued when asked about stand-ins. "I've been handling Lucas's work myself, but I don't know how Affairs is. They need to work together better."

"We'll get it done," was Morren's firm resolution on the subject.

Morren is looked to by many to be the strongest candidate for upholding the Lux standards in government.

"If we cannot then we are very much the weak ones," Kristos Dolphekin agreed. Kristos, having stepped down recently to manage the Communications Team, has shown few signs of concern. "He will be back on his feet before we even know it, yes?"