Where can you find us? What do we do?
This is naturally not a complete list, due to some people wanting their own privacy and so on, but it's a fairly together one.

We used to work with the creative team of Cheshire Court, but haven't in years. We've helped to submit pieces around, though we're not at all well known, which is fine with us.

We used to work with the team of Cheshire Court, but now only Lucas writes. His work is currently independent. It's featured under the handle of 'Luc Court.'

Gaming Online:
We've Mucked, Mushed, Muxed, Mudded, walked around the block, and gone for coffee afterwards.

Plurality Online:
We've worked with a few other plurals online, including Astraea, the Courts (which, yes, is nothing new if you've looked at the entries above), Amorpha/Sethrenn, and the Hondas to try to take a look at plurality overall. We are Lancer members and also part of Pavilion. We have also signed the In Essence declaration. Here is our copy.

Being Social Online:
We have a bad habit of having journals everywhere and usually have them interconnected. Yes, we link to each other because we are Dorks, but also because it's our way to communicate with our friends without feeling as if we're walking all over each other's personal spaces.