Pavilion is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about multiple personality.


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It's time for a new look at multiple personality.

For years the public has been fascinated by the idea of a 'rare mental illness,' popularized and sensationalized in movies and true crime stories; by the idea of out-of-control victims of this 'ailment,' incapable of living ordinary, functional lives.

Currently, two views of multiple personality prevail in the media.

The first view sees multiples as pitiable victims of a terrible disorder caused by childhood abuse, people who 'split' into fragmented parts of an original, whole person to cope with the trauma. Presumed dangerous to ourselves and others, we are routinely assumed to have dangerous criminal 'parts' lurking somewhere inside us; deep down, we really just want healing and wholeness, to be integrated back into our 'original person.' In the meantime, we make interesting circus sideshows, fascinatingly tragic cases with crazy, out-of-control behavior, who can't possibly be expected to manage our own lives without the intervention of a therapist.

The second view sees us as prancing fakers, gullible therapy patients led by mass hysteria into naming parts of ourselves and calling them different people; disturbed, attention-seeking individuals trying to avert responsibility for bad and even criminal behavior by blaming it on our 'alters.' Although we're assumed to have been duped by slick therapists, or our own mental instability, this view also sees us as irresponsible, out-of-control, untrustworthy, and incapable of managing our own lives.

We believe another truth lies between the two extremes. There is a third view rising to the attention of psychology and the media alike, one which has previously been given no representation and even covered up: people who are living sane, functional, healthy, productive lives as multiples; undiagnosed, not in therapy, but knowing they are many. Not broken pieces of a single, original person, but many people sharing the same body. Not made-up hysterical delusions, but responsible individuals who cooperate amongst each other and support each other just like a family. Not seeking to blame mistakes and bad behavior on 'alters,' we live by codes of group responsibility.

We are everywhere: your neighbors, your co-workers, maybe even your friends and family. We are web designers, lawyers, psychologists, scientists, engineers, artists, writers; mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. We are 'in the closet,' our voices silenced, afraid to speak the truth of our existence as many, because we are all too aware of the loss of credibility, the risk, that would come with it-- whether it's because we're perceived as dangerous victims of a mental illness or attention-seeking posers.

It is time for a change.

We desire an end to the idea that multiplicity can only be either a mental illness or a form of hysteria -- we want 'door number 3,' the option for multiples who feel more comfortable and natural living as many (regardless of how or why they believe they are multiple) to be recognized by psychology and society. We want an end to the antics of criminals trying to use multiple personality as an excuse, and believe multiples should be held to the same standards of self-discipline as any single person. We want an end to the witch-hunts of therapists trying to dig up repressed memories simply because a client presents as multiple. We want the day to come when no multiple outing themselves to a friend will be met with fear, because 'what if one of you is a killer?' We want an end to fear, misrepresentation, misunderstanding; we want to speak with our own voices, not through the distortions of therapists and journalists.

We are making a difference.

Already, we have sent out hundreds of copies of our brochure to mental health professionals and major media outlets across the country. We are planning an interview on Pacifica News Radio. We are active not just in multiplicity communities on line, but on newsgroups, gaming sites, places where you'd least expect to find multiples... just being ourselves. Sane, functional, stable and most of all human.

What is the future?

We see ourselves publishing books, giving talks, lobbying for changes in the mental health industry and in the courts. We see a future where multiples in films are heroes; where rock stars, Senators and baseball players talk openly of being plural. We see an end to fear and confusion.

Walk with us. Sign up here to let us know you'd like to help with Pavilion. Most of today's activity is on Pavilion Hall Livejournal for news, discussions, and updates.

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