Pavilion is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about multiple personality.


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Suggested Essay Topics

Operating Systems
Why Should Singlets Care?
Other Worlds
Multiplicity Forums

If you haven't written an essay yet on your opinions, ideas, interactions with, or anything involving the above subjects, feel free to do so now!

Public Relations Requests

We need Public Relations people on the Frontline Position to respond to plurals and medians as they come out on webdiaries, forums, web pages and email lists.

Volunteers Requested

Volunteer with internet connection and/or mailing directories to collect contact addresses from various states for brochure mailings. Contact Amorpha )


Writing Requests


Re: Singlets, Assistance

Some Pavilion members have reported having singlet friends who hesitate to provide assistance, even the simple collection of addresses. It's easy to fear that you may be 'considered plural' if you support plural friends, but by doing this, it only reinforces the 'dirty secret' atmosphere of multiplicity. This is not the type of support that we truly need from our singlet friends.

How can we best destroy fear of being plural? If it's something that people look down on, what can we do to help ask our singlet friends to stop reacting, themselves, as if it were an automatic diagnosis of illness, even if they may respect us? How can we ask them to do more than remain silent when they hear or see negative reports or misuse of plurality?


Re: Exploitation

Regrettably, there have been attempts by some people to take advantage of plurality. How can you best defend and protect yourselves? What should you remember to look out for?

Re: Terminology

It's important to keep from becoming too caught up in the fine points of language, lest we spend more time arguing over terminology than making actual progress. How can we remember not to do this, and to see to the points beyond?


Re: Multiplicity and Culture

Some of us are interested in putting together a study on how multiplicity is viewed in different world cultures. From the voluntary possession trances of Southeast Asian and Afro-Caribbean religious ceremonies, to the southeastern Native American tribes who elect leaders based on "how many spirits they have inside them", it does seem that being multiple is viewed with a bit more lenience than granted by Western Anglo society. Do you know something about this subject? How would you find out?