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Pavilion is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about multiple personality.


Thank you Wicks


While there are a number of general members who provide support through anything from web hosting to alerting us to press opportunities, there are also those who focus on specific topics or projects.

If you are not in a Position and a person in one contacts you for help, please attempt to assist them. For example, if a Frontliner emails you because you have more experience with a type of forum than they and they'd like someone to speak with them, then give them a hand. A person can be in more than one position at once.

Also, feel free to volunteer your help, or for a position.

Frontline ... Scholars ... Committees ... Diplomats ... Directors


Frontline - Public Relations

We've all seen them -- notes on message boards talking about "MPD/DID" in a derogatory way -- multiples on webforums describing their healthy system as MPD/DID -- groups coming out of the closet, group members trying to get to know one another in-house without quite being sure how. They're the emails and the assumptions. They're our most energetic field of active work.

Frontliners volunteer to have such links and emails fielded to them, so that they can work on getting the message of healthy, functional multiplicity out there. They are the Public Relations department.

Pavilion members are dedicated to providing different viewpoints, pointing interested people at online resources they might find helpful, and letting them move in the direction they choose.

New Pavilion members are strongly encouraged to work a shift on Frontline for a short period of time so that they can become used to coordinating with other Pavilion members and communicating with other groups who may be extremely different from their own.

More about public relations, and why it's necessary.

Currently in the Frontline Position are:

Scholars - Research & Writing

People who prefer not to engage in immediate debate and/or interaction, either due to time constraints or personal nature, might like to be involved in research and writing. Perhaps after a shift on Frontline, they may discover that they are better at supporting through writing essays that Frontliners can use when caught up in arguments. Or they may have a gift for researching counterarguments against detractors. They can also be specialists, such as web designers, who can support Pavilion with their own training.

Scholars are expected to coordinate with the Frontline to ensure that the Frontliners will always have sufficient resources in place for their own actions.

Currently in the Scholar Position are:

Pavilion Project Committees

Pavilion Projects are run by Coordinators, or project committee heads. They are expected to be able to keep track of their projects and involve other Pavilion members to pool resources for greater success. Unlike the other Positions, this is a temporary status for the duration of the project.

You can become a Coordinator by continuous involvement in various projects. Want to become one for a time? Write up your project proposal and send it in.

Current project committee coordinators are:
Astraea Radiohead, Northside, Pavilion Library


Diplomats are volunteers to be centers of organization for plurals in real life in their area.

Currently in the Diplomats Position are:



Directors keep an eye on everything that is going on so people's projects and efforts can be maximized. They might help to begin and run projects, but cross a variety of fields at once.

Current Directors:
Astraea: media relations, medium-term press and reaction, Pavilion organization. Projects: Radiohead, Northside.