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The Sybil Remake Will Air June 7, 2008 On CBS You should write to CBS about this -- let them know you're watching, at the very least, and let them know that the Sybil myth is very damaging to multiples.

Young people who suspect they're multiple often try to model themselves on Sybil -- they've written us countless letters asking for the film and for "training films" of "multiples switching". This is no kind of a role model. We have to keep reminding them that Sybil's story was not real and that the real Shirley Mason's story has yet to be told. If the network would even run some kind of announcement stating that this was a work of fiction it would be helpful.

April 15, 2008 Herschel Walker's 'many sides' makes plurals look bad A famous football player has revealed he has "dissociative identity disorder" which has led him to commit a number of violent and threatening acts, including towards loved ones, while remembering nothing.

A good idea would be to write to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who interviewed Walker for CNN. Gupta is known to be openminded about autism -- he's done at least one interview with autism activist Amanda Baggs, and it is possible that he might understand the concept of healthy multiplicity if he were ever allowed to hear about it.

Dr. Gupta's contact information is:

80 Jesse Hill Dr. SE
Faculty Office Building #339
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-778-1398

February 21, 2008 Newsweek does 'multiple personality disorder' Summary: MPD stands for MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISEASE, BECAUSE WE ARE INFECTIOUS AND PERSONALTIES ARE MADE OF DOOM AND VIRUS. (from member crystalseraph). Sethrenn^Shiu says: "Based on the amazon.con excerpts, I actually felt pretty justified in concluding that whatever her/their real story was, Dr. Baer is a condescending jerk and a user who wanted her to make him famous. I don't know what kind of connections he has, but I'm guessing he had to pull a few strings to get her an interview with Newsweek, since 99% of the people diagnosed with DID-- especially today when the diagnosis is considered passe-- don't, uh, get publicity for their books splashed in major news magazines. Unless they're Robert Oxnam and therefore considered newsworthy just by virtue of being semi-famous already."

Even though it appeared last October, it might still be a good idea to write to them and let them know we're out here -- that the reality described by the woman in the article is not true for all multiples, that there is a wider variety of experiences.

Newsweek / 251 West 57th Street / New York, NY 10019-1894

March 04, 2006 They're doing a remake of Sybil, and due to high viewer demand, a 30th anniversary edition of Sybil has been released on DVD. Probably the best thing to do is write to CBS and get others to do the same; when the DVD comes out, reviews on and other places explaining why Sybil is inaccurate would be most appropriate. Most of all, inform as many people as you can, online and off, that Sybil is crap.

October 26 2005 ABC's One Life To Live is trotting out the old Viki/Niki warhorse again, with all the usual criminal activity, sexual antics, violence and psychosis. This time, it's Viki's daughter Jess and her evil sadistic alter Jess that takes over. You can post to a message board at the above link, which will inform other viewers that the Viki/Niki, Jess/Tess storyline is crap; that will probably do more good than to write to ABC itself, but to do that, use ABC's contact form.

Oct 05 2005 On the NBC series "Medium", we are asked to believe in a psychic whose powers help the police solve crimes, but in the episode "Light Sleeper" we're not allowed to believe that somebody could be plural without either faking it, being a mad killer, or both. Write to NBC at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 10112. The show's producer is Glenn Gordon Caron, Endeavor Agency, 9601 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Fl., Beverly Hills CA 90212.

Complaining among ourselves and writing E-mail back and forth is really a waste of time. Far better to go on the offensive. Networks receive so little mail about most shows that a large number of complaints about a show has an effect. The popular belief that networks are immune to complaints is not always correct.

Oct 02 2005 Robert Oxnam, a respected scholar, educator and expert on China, comes out as multiple. His new book, A Fractured Mind, discusses his therapy and integration, and he'll be on CBS 60 Minutes Oct. 2, 2005 discussing his nightmarish personal experience. His story is also covered in this article from The New York Times. The Times and CBS need to hear from us.

June 16 2003 The Ontario Center For Religious Tolerance is not very tolerant when it comes to multiples. The open-minded maintainers of that website still believe as of 2009 that we are simply characters from "a work of bad fantasy-fiction." Send mail to Religious Tolerance to set them straight. Please be polite. The last time he got too much angry mail he stopped taking emails at all.

October 1 2002 A Letter to CBS News Following their coverage of the Malave case.

Astraea are currently collecting contact information for doctors and clinical social workers who supported and promoted the MPD/DID diagnosis in the 80s and 90s. These mental health professionals should be sent a copy of the What Is Multiplicity brochure, and possibly followup press kits. Check here periodically for updates.

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