Pavilion is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about multiple personality.


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Pavilion Projects


Currently Running


Primary Contact: Amorpha (pavilion at karitas dot net)
Members Involved: Amorpha, Astraea, Blackbirds (brochure designs)
Details: Send brochures to researchers and psychologists, particularly on the academic side, teachers of abnormal psychology; collect and keep track of public opinion. Provide a real-time contact to replies.
Notes: Currently in search of a new postal mailing address.
Status: Ongoing; 263 count reached (10.24.02)


Primary Contact: Astraea
Members Involved: Amorpha, Astraea, non-members & others
Details: Create a library of articles hosted on Pavilion able to be cited for essays and arguments.
Notes: You can help! Write to pavilion at karitas dot net.
Status: Ongoing


Primary Contact: Astraea (click here for email)
Members Involved: Astraea
Details: Arrange for an interview on Pacifica Radio and other community radio outlets, presenting multiplicity as normal, debunking myths and outlining our agenda.
Notes: As of 10/14/04 nothing is happening on this project. We do have a press kit and we urge people to use it in conjunction with the brochure described in Project Paperchase above. As of 9/8/02 have sent several introductory emails to various Pacifica outlets, most of which bounced. Haven't heard back from Bernard White, WBAI Programming Director.
Status: Creation, On Hold

The Resource Section

Primary Contact: Bluejay Young, Astraea
Members Involved: Astraea, Amorpha
Details: Creation of a resource area including contact information for media and news outlets; form letters; lists of talking points and other advice to use in writing letters.
Status: Underway! Go have a look. Feel free to send us copies of letters you've sent to TV, radio, magazines &c. on the subject of healthy multiplicity.


Secondary Work


Primary Contact: Astraea (click here for email)
Members Involved: Astraea, Amorpha
Details: Create a presskit including a cover letter, fact sheet, short bio sheet, copy of the brochure, and press releases as we write them. To be sent to media outlets with whom we desire an interview. There should be a print version and an e-version -- to be done in Word for the sake of universality. Or better yet, Open Office, an open source word processing program which can create Word files.
Notes: Press kit is complete! Please feel free to use it. Will support Frontline when completed.
presskit material here
Status: Completion, Ongoing


Primary Contact: Blackbirds
Members Involved: Astraea
Details: Creation of a database for plurals to be able to access to find 'plural-friendly' businesses and services.
Status: Underway