Pavilion: Voices of Plurality in Action



















Presskit Factsheet

Who are Pavilion members?

Members of Pavilion are people from the United States, Canada and England who are devoted to making significant changes in the public perception of people who are multiple (multiple personality, plurality).

They believe that to be plural is simply to have more than one person, mind, or consciousness residing in a single body -- that this need not be a disordered state, and that the general public have nothing to fear from plurals -- partly because there are so many multiples in the general public. Pavilion members merely want this brought to people's attention, to help end negative views by psychiatry and derogatory portrayals in the media.

We are just like you. We are your friends, your neighbors, your family members. We are going through tragedies and triumphs just as you are, dealing with daily life stresses and having fun just as you do.

What do Pavilion members do?

Pavilion members are organized through the Internet, via chats, a Livejournal board, and a website. We provide literature to educate the public using simple, direct, positive language.

We have sent almost 200 copies of the brochure to mental health professionals across the country. We issue an online newsletter keeping track of current affairs concerning plurality. We are creating a library of essays and transcripts on multiplicity and related issues.

We will be giving interviews on public radio and presentations at universities.

Where are Pavilion members?

Everywhere! In the house next door. The cubicle across the hall. The guy in the car behind you yakking on a cell phone. The world. Delivering mail, flying airplanes, cheering at ball games and digging ditches. Taking care of our kids. Taking care of your kids. We are people just like you -- we are not isolated. We are not somewhere else. We are here.

Why are we doing this?

Because it's time.
It's time that mainstream culture accepted people who live with more than one voice -- who live as many.

We have been hospitalized against our will. We have lost custody of our children. We've been hurt by people we thought we could trust, because the M-word equals "easy prey" in their minds. We're assumed to be insane, or in desperate need of help, whether we are or not.

Because we are responsible.
This is happening because we have been sitting in the background, doing nearly nothing to raise our voices against those of so-called authorities who repeatedly tell the public that multiplicity either doesn't exist, or is always a tragic disease that must be cured at any and all costs.

Because it's our turn.
We have voices and it's our turn to use them. What have been the results of our not speaking out? Endless medical misunderstandings, and media misinformation. The psychiatric establishment has tried and failed to understand our truth. Now, we are speaking out for who and what we are, taking our own voices at last, liberating multiplicity in the 21st Century.