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Pavilion is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about multiple personality.


Thank you Wicks

The Press Kit Is Complete.

Click here to download a zipfile of the press kit. This has everything but business cards.

Friday September 13 2002 9:12 pm
Proposed cover letter
Tuesday September 17 2002 5:15 pm
Press Kit Ideas from
Thursday, September 19, 2002 9:32 AM
Proposed Fact Sheet Complete
Member Bios
First Press Release About Project Bananarama, 10/3/02.

You can still get your member bio in; it'll just go into the next edition of the press kit. New members are encouraged to submit short bios right away.

Needed For The Press Kit:

A press kit needs:

* A cover letter. We have one.

* A mission statement - no more than a paragraph explaining who we are and what we are for. Longer mission statements (up to three pages) are possible, but we're trying to get consensus on whether we should wait on those until we're more established, or do the longer one now to give people a clearer idea of what we're about.

* Short (one paragraph) bio's of each person or group involved in Pavilion either active or supporting. Supporting members are those who've signed up, believe in what we're doing and link to us, speak of us to others, but aren't currently active working on a Pavilion project. See the bio sheet as it is now.

The bio should focus on who you are in the everyday world. List any impressive credentials you have like university degrees, professional jobs you've held, awards you've won, etc. It should list accomplishments you're proud of - even those that don't earn money for you at this time. It should list things you love. We are out to show the media that we are people like any other. Our talents, accomplishments and enjoyments will all be different.

* Press Releases. As we grow and get established, we'll be sending out press releases to the media concerning our actions -- things like magazine and radio interviews, public events we're involved in, things we sponsor.

* A Fact Sheet. Fact sheets can have practically anything on them -- as this grows it'll have a list of things we have accomplished (the proposed Pacifica Radio interview, for instance), and a list of states that so far have been covered by Project Bananarama, doctors who have responded about Bananarama, etc. The fact sheet is pretty good for now. It will always be in progress.

* Business Cards. Send several of these, so they can pass them around.

* And Of Course The Brochure: We should send one or two copies of the brochure with each press release.

Write to us for more details or if you want to help with the press kit.