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Go ahead and link, if you're bored enough to.



Astraea's Web : The central jumping-off spot of many a way to explore the number of online communities of multiplicity, debates on such, viewpoints and personal matters, collections of information on various resources, etc.... It has more than everything, so go and enjoy. We've spent hours before looking through this place.

Layman's Guide to Plurality : A quick, in-process guide put together by various contributions for visitors looking for information.

Lancers : A group who run the Pavilion and attempt to get plurality in any way--including its absence--to be respected. They have their philosophies in the Codex.

Multiple Gateway : An *excellent* collection of links and articles for topics across the plural communities, from walk-ins to humor to coming out.

Pavilion : A platform for people of all types to get together and work for equality and respect. Run by the Lancers. Yeah, we're members. So sue us.

Chrysantheme : Formerly the Asylum e-zine. They've run a few articles of ours. The e-zine's quieted down for now from what we've heard.



Amorpha : Hey, they're... NAFE members! Geez, I thought we were the only ones. Site by a plural group with wit attached.

Dark Personalities : Site of the Anachronic Army, who run the Gateway. In particular, visit their many links and listings of essays by themselves and other communities, and read their rants. We love these people.

Four and Twenty : Good friends of ours who've worked with us on a bunch of things, like In Essence. NAFE, too. Thanks for the new layout, guys!

In-Between, The Median Side : A site by a median group who's willing to share their experiences, like their trip from the soulbond model to the median.

Mind Dance Within is Ladydancer's site, and it's very nice to wander through, for the opinions and notes on their worlds and just about everything really. Wish we had their design. Mmm, green green green....

Paradigm Shifter: "Where Different does not mean Broken." Nice enough to link to us. Go check out their amazing links.

Politics of Non Being : Site of the Foci, In Essence signees and with some interesting writings about other looks of plurality, soulbonding, and middle-column layouts.

Stardance: Shaytar's Space : An excellent place to check out, not only for the beautiful layout but also for what they have to say.

Vicki(s) : Especially if you're searching for midcontinuum information. Note that midcont is still an abuse/survival model for the Vicki(s).



FTM Australia, which is especially for those who identify as male regardless of physical format, is not only a clear and friendly resource but also has an excellent staff to run it.