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Media Reviews


Lady Une/Saint Une from Gundam Wing. We would have made this under film, but decided to tuck it here instead. Series spoilers.

The Amamiya group(?) from MPD-Psycho. We haven't been able to translate much of this manga yet, which was just running in Japan when we were there in Kadokawa comics. Unf. Graphic violence n' stuff. More on this as we can translate.

Badger from Badger! Possibly the -only- thing coming close to a positive take on multiplicity in an unintegrated state. Although Badger is repeatedly touted as wackily insane, at least he's rather cheerful about his own state of life. It's a mixed bag in this case, showing multiplicity as a disorder which can be 'survived' by just letting one person out most of the time and beating up the bad guys. More fascinating is the slew of readers' letters in the back, many from multiples themselves.

The Minx, from the Minx. Graphic sex n' stuff. The main character, Anna, has the darker side to her she calls the Minx... the little voice in her head from childhood that urges her to do irresponsible things. The Minx is also gifted with a certain power to call out those sort of instincts in other people. I have no idea how she became this way (her family was a fairly kind if somewhat spacey, upright Jewish family) and I think the Minx just 'went away' at the end... a better portrayal than the average, since the Minx is a lot of fun to watch shrug things off, but still hinging on the 'unstable and dangerous' routine. Still, it's refreshing to see the treatment of other people as worthwhile with their own virtues. Published by Vertigo, a 6 issue run.

Kaos/Den from Battle Angel Alita. Kaos himself is physically frail to the point of not being able to speak, while Den is a violent, red-eyed manifestation of all his rage. Kaos's father installs a transceiver in his son so that Den can actually project to a cyborg body elsewhere, and hence Kaos knows nothing of Den but the reverse is quite the contrary. It's uncertain if his father (spoiler) helped to start it off, but due to his rather bad habits it's certainly likely... and he was fascinated with his son being a multiple and even praised his level of 'mental adaptability', I think. Maybe that's a misquote. Ends up with a sort of semi-integration, and mental death of Den. Den is, once more, a big ol' villain.

The Incredible Hulk, who else? Too bad we haven't followed him very well *sigh*. But he does his hero/villain routine too.

Legion, from the X-Men. We didn't get too much of that plotline until the very end, but he's a bad guy. Terribly, utterly insane. Let's learn to hate mutant multiples! Although they each did have different powers.