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We've kept some old, had some new, thrown out the rest.


The Color of My Ears, by Laric. The issues over Otherkin vs. Human aren't so far off from Black vs. White or Male vs. Female. (11.20.02)

Details, by Laric. Why does it matter if you're non-human or human? Speaking from a non-human perspective, human isn't that bad a thing to be. (10.22.02)

Tales of Whoa, by Laric. A mini-rant about people who assume more about you than you might enjoy, and try to insist that they're innately superior and that you need their guidance. (9.26.02)

It's because we're not *real* Bonders, right?, by Reb. A talk about soulbonds, characters, and people, from personal experiences. (8.20.02)


Plural Standards, Toaster Powers, by Lexa and Reb. A ramble about other worlds and the controversy over them. (6.22.01)

Actually, It Goes Like This, by Sammi, Silence and Sparrow. A talk about coming out and why. (10/12/01)

Court, Inc. by Katra and Traveling. How do you agree on what the group should portray, when there are so many options? (8/27/01)

Lying, by Reb and Lexa. Accepted by the Asylum e-zine for the August 2001 issue! Whee! About truth and being a multiple. (8/23/01)

Levels of Being, by Laric. A bit of extrapolation on Stella's earlier theories, found below. (7/30/01)

The Littlest Hentai, by Gabe and Ariel, explaining why we make occasional jokes about Ariel and about traits coming 'round again. (7/30/01)

Cooking with Katra: Recipe for the Past. Ever feel like your system 'isn't right' because people appear or reappear in wierd ways? Just watch how utterly 'wrong' we are here in Traveling Court! We need a better revision of our fronts as the group gets older and changes jobs and lifestyles, so we'll be reviving someone from our past with a slight revisions for the present. (7/17/01)

Something from Nothing. Done by Laric. A bit of an ongoing thought about origins, current existences, and possible roots of people. (7/10/01)

If We Could Do Everything. For some reason, Silence wanted to say something one day; it's a general statement to readers of the page about what we write on here. (7/10/01)

Soulbonder Misuse vs. a Very Irate Council Member. One of Reb's rants, noted here because of the semi-ongoing group discussion over it. (7/9/01)

Souls and Bonds and Ourselves. Done by Sammi and Katra, as one take about soulbonding and multiples. (7/9/01)

Generations. Done by Laric. A ramble about the internal generations in here and time and change. (7/3/01)

Multiplicity and Community. Done by Laric (Lexa: With his traditional lack of politeness too.) About how multiplicity might actually be--yes, natural, yes, useful--better to have as a member of society. (6/22/01)

Am I Real? Cogito ergo sum. Done by Laric. It was meant to be a discussion on ways we view ourselves personally, but turned into a declaration about the worth of having other ways of viewing things, self-image, and a defense for multiplicity. (6/22/01)

A Year's Testimony: Done by Rebekka and Alexandria, about a break we took off. (6/19/01)

No Apologies for Existing is a section where we're affirming that all of us, no matter how wicked or good, young or old, can exist without having to justify why we are here. (6/19/01)

2000 and previous:

Stella had an old theory she was working on a while back (1999?) Either way, it's about the mechanics of multiplicity, especially in the structure of the mind and in the difference between fragments and those fuller... particularly dedicated not to a counting of a multiple through the number of people, but rather their relative strengths. Er, Stella tends towards rather ungentle terms and so on, so please, no one get offended. There are her views on it.

And immediately, Stella had to field feedback from one person and explain it further. Here you go.

We knew a a few multiples, including ourselves, who had had depressing things happen to them because of society and the perception of multiples. Kyth thinks about this in a reflection, written many years ago.