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Media Reviews
"The character in The Drawing of the Three was hit on the head with a brick when she was a little girl, and that sent her in a coma. Somehow that made her "dark sister" appear. Yes, she was evil, and went around doing things from shoplifting to plotting to kill people. And of course, neither knew the other existed, but when they found out, they combined themselves into a new person. Does that happen in every single book? Geez."
"Not -every- single book. In the other times, they remain evil murderers and are gunned down like rabid dogs by the shiningly just and sickeningly sappy heroes."

- The Hondas and the Courts.

Multiples in the media. *yawn* Sound like last week's soap opera plot? What about that cheesy pulp novel the other day? How about that overdone cliche in the movie last month?

Let's love the ongoing stereotyping of plurals in the media as out-of-control killers, psychos, and dysfunctional freaks.

Or let's not, and say we didn't.




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