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Rebekka's Bitching, Moaning, and General Whining

Since I got tired of my own harping, I threw out some of it. Most of this is just sharp-tongued criticism. No, really. I know you're all shocked to hear that.


Rant #11: It's because we're not *real* Bonders, right? A talk about soulbonds, characters, and people, from personal experiences. (8.20.02)

Rant #10: Take a Time Out. A reply to people who are getting ticked about the Soulbonding rants. (4/9/02)

2001 and previous:

Rant #9: What Do I Want? A brief rant on a mailing list that spurred the 'Strike Me Voiceless' one, archieved here. (9/5/01)

Rant #8: Strike Me Voiceless, because I might as well be. Terminiology rant. Minefield terms for everything make it easier to remain silent, even in the plural community. (9/5/01)

Rant #7: I Piss You Off By Being Alive. Took this one down because it had no point. (8/8/01)

Rant #6: It's so much easier to think we're insane. I hate people. (7/20/01)

Rant #5: Knee-Jerk Reaction, baby. A lot of us want a better future for multiples, but how far have we thought it out in terms of details? (7/17/01)

Rant #4: Soulbonding. This is going to get me blasted by all good SBers out there, but it's a rant about how misuse of SB really, really gets on my nerves, particularly as a multiple. (7/9/01)

Rant #3: The tail end to the Year's Testimony. What's someone who was supposed to be a lot responsible for the group to do when even she got waylaid, and has a real good hangover about it all?

Rant #2: Multiples in fanfics. Took this one down because it was overopinionated. Shut up.

Rant #1: Give us a little credit here before we reach out and try to take it. (date, no idea)