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Media Reviews : Films


Yugioh, anime/manga series reviewed by
Yu-gi-oh with spoilers, anime/manga series reviewed by Tavam Shaytar.

Fight Club.
Oh yeah. This one was done by Winter and Summer both of Two Courts.

Perfect Blue, an anime forthcoming review...

Sprite, an anime also reviewed by Janice of the House of Ghosts. A surprisingly more open portrayal of multiplicity in terms of less than the strictly 'evil/good motif, as well as relationships and integration.

Never Talk to Strangers, kindly reviewed by Astraea's Gabe, which is a blessing because we couldn't stand sitting through another run of it again. Basically, the protagonist is a multiple... doing the bad guy routine again too. Out of control, still a threat stalking the streets, etc. Whee.

Batman in general, character of Two-Face. He's so cute. In the third movie and in the animated series, I've seen different points on him go off. Oh, and there's another char I saw go by in the animated series--the fellow with the hand puppet and gatling gun (Scarface?). Sigh... all bad guys.