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Court, Inc.
by Katra and the rest of the Traveling Court, last updated 8/27/01

In response to Rebekka's rant and several other things going on (mainly, what sort of image we're to project to the world), Traveling has put together a loose corporate declaration. Entirely farcical, and entirely serious. Written down here to amuse others.

Public Statement of Intent: Court, Inc. is a group whose agreed-upon manifestation to those unaware will be mild of temper and soft-spoken, and occasionally pointed when no one is looking directly at it. It can enjoy a good joke but remains somewhat reserved, and will not wait to explain itself or shy from speaking on matters that may be controversial. It will be friendlier to those it does not know, and choose to become unconcerned rather than strongly impassioned. It will sometimes run short on patience, but rather than be angry, will simply leave others behind to catch up at their own paces. It will care less about being understood than if the thoughts can be constructed in a worthwhile manner.

Private Statement of Intent: Traveling Court owns full rights of Court Inc, includi--*scuffling ensues*
*second try*: The CEOs of Court, Inc. must remember their obligations to the investors and employees of Court, Inc. The company's goal is to keep the aforementioned happy while promoting the ideas that multiple ways of life are acceptable. Court, Inc. will use the particular traits of its staff to the fullest, rather than finding one 'better' than another.

Assets: The communal manifestation will draw strongly off of the existances of the current Council members. Those who are not on the Council will be allowed unattended when not in the sphere of our daily public lives.

Mechanisms: Said assets will allow for all those currently with Council status to be themselves shamelessly without feeling that they betray the hard work another's put into an illusion of the group. Rather than pick and choose some traits to be expressed and deny others, Court Inc will simply accept what happens to be up front for this durational cycle.

This likely means that we will project a real bastard. Oh well.

Summary: This little exercise was actually no more different than what any other group has to go through. We've simply put it up here both to remind us to stay on track and to not reject others inside--to assemble from what we have, instead of forcing those inside to be what we'd like outside--and also in case anyone else is interested to realize that... yes. Sometimes we all have to drag ourselves back on track with little mission statements like these.

Is this our truth? Is this the 'reality' of what we are? These are the types of questions we've been asking ourselves lately--what -is- our 'true nature'? That itself is a failure even before it begins, because we all know our own natures are those of a group. But what does the group manifest itself as? Let's find out...