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A few regrets:

As I set this pen to paper, I can remember clearly the struggles which ones dear to me have faced. The despair of each as they bravely faced the foes Ignorance and Fear, and their courage to attempt to change the communities around them. I remember when they failed, and how painful it was to see them fall--how impotent I felt, when there was nothing to be done but try and comfort their tears. Should their spirits and dedication not be rewarded, instead of destroyed? So many bright sparks of hope have been extinguished.

Let us hope that this small section of the Web can make a difference. There are dozens upon dozens of us on the Web already, and the beauty of their strength to speak out is astounding. The light of hope in their words reaches out to others, saying, 'This time, we can change people's beliefs.' Perhaps the ignorance will be dispelled, the fear quelled. Perhaps more people will seek their answers on this subject from one of us, rather than the textbook labels which condemn multiplicity as being a 'disorder which is imperative to fix', a 'delusion', and 'merely the result of a dyslexic psyche.'

Perhaps others will not be lost.

This page is in memory to those strong people who sought acceptance in their communities, and were either locked up, or killed themselves out of shame, rejection, and humiliation--or merely from the feeling of being, so paradoxically, alone.