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Tales of Whoa
by Laric, 9/26/02

Woe is me! For I am the Misunderstood Multiple, twice victimized by the public who does not understand my Trauma and the enlightenment it brings! Glory be to me! Shelter me, for I am both Fragile and Strong for my Past! Hail to me for my strength, which is naturally much higher than your own!

Woe, woe! I am the Magical Heir to the World, cast here among the Mundane (who drag down my spirit and knowledge of my True Destiny away with their unforgiveable blandness), until my day shall rise and I shall take my rightful place, known and revered by all for my Secret Knowledge of the Workings of Reality!

A thing that we've never really been attracted to, I must say, is the steadfast love that some people seem to have for maintaining the very seperations which they rail so heartily against. I do not seriously believe that there is a Conspiracy of the Mundies out there which takes insipid joy from crushing all that is creative in the world, nor do I enjoy assumptions that the bulk majority of bodies in existance upon this planet are incapable or ignorant of all that is intangible.

It is a veritable riot to see how many people will claim that the sole cause of their problems stems from being misunderstood by those with limited sight who persist on interacting with them as if both were average. How are you so certain that they simply see and do not care? Rush weeping to my feet in awe! Strew my path with blossoms! Or but respect me, and I shall respect you for being as my equal, rather than turning up my nose with the idea that you are simply beneath me, you wretched little mundie, you.

You're an Otherkin? That's fine. You're a Walk-In? That's also fine.You are a tuna fish sandwich? It is a pleasure to meet you. You're something so mysterious and wonderful that you know more about my inner soul and spirits than I do (traditionally as also being weaker than yours or in need of your knowledge), and the reason I do not is because I am not as gifted? I am gifted enough to See that there is a door behind you, and I am inviting you to Transport yourself through it by whatever rate you prefer.

Tell me how much weaker I am! Insist to me how I may only be elevated to your status with the proper observance of your rituals and not my own! I am only a cheap poseur, save me from my own ignorance and how I go wrong, oh noble one. As we all know, you may only cast on every third day beginning with 'S' and with copper-coated spoons made from azure by Atlantian fruit-vendors. And to think! I was observing them on every fourth day!

I am human and lesser? Thank you for believing in only what you see presented before you. The reason I protest is because I am limited in my magical potential? Perhaps it is because I see the same material but I simply disagree. I am unaware of how you are spiritually manipulating my actions? Strange, because you never know that it might be the versa.

My pardons--but you do, because you must know so much more than my paltry unimpressive form. I am a lump of unformed dough. Bake me, oh master, upon the fires of Your Power!

Shake your disapproving finger, oh doctor, and tell me that I am not really happy. I only think I am. I am a puppet to the strings of inherant dysfunctionality that convince me I only think I am walking and talking under my own power when I should have drugs to assist me.

Misunderstandings as valid and a problem, yes. Misunderstandings because a person does not see your beliefs that you have superior esoteric innate prowess, no.

If you wish to be percieved as equal, then treat others as such. If you wish to be considered superior, than do not protest when others do not appear to choose to view you in that way. It is a rule of thumb which should be memorable from grade school. It goes for doctors and magii alike.

I believe in others as capable of seeing what I see. They are as powerful as I. We are all gifted at forming rainbows, and we are all quite able to state if we are happy or not. Really.