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Leave now if you don't like people tearing off on occasionally self-righteous #%*#&%* sessions.

Right. Thanks for stopping by.

This rant is for Sept 5th, 2001 and was on a mailing list but archieved here.

It doesn't matter to me how inner or other the worlds of other

--groups/households/systems/associations/monarchies/courts/legistlative governments/etc--

It matters to me if I can find a way to get *everyone's* worlds accepted by society as valid.

I consider them *all* to exist and put them together in a large box that is marked, 'Make These Accepted As Real -- NOW' with red marker. Sorry if I tred on toes on the way through. Or if we do. Etc. Esp since we don't have an Other world and barely pay attention to an Inner at most, we don't have a rat's right (or less than one) to do anything other than to try and stand up for everyone in general.

I'm determined to find a way that everyone on this list and off it can feel safe and proud for their worlds and be able to talk about them and have them recieved by society. And I'm pissy at myself for not being able to find it yet. And I want to apologize for not being able to think of something yet that might work.

When I get rabid on the lists, it's because I see so many people who I want to see have the freedom to be wherever they want Inside and Outside and Otherwhere without having to be ashamed or to hide it. I see mockery in the media and want to wipe the snide smiles of those who'd like to use *any* excuse to call plurals insane and will use other worlds as more fodder for their 'proofs'. And I want to find some way to phrase it that will be pleasant enough to society that they'll swallow it and only afterwards realize that they've allowed something through that otherwise they'd shove off as delusional, while meanwhile we're all out dancing on the docks.

When we Courts get silly on the lists, that's to try and remind ourselves to keep from taking things too seriously, to think and explore, to do things to see if they're possible. It's to remind ourselves that there are other ways that we might not have seen, to help us see where others might be walking about from. We're deliberately silly with our own internal/etc space because otherwise I think we'd go batty. Or battier. And because there *can* be nontraditional other/etc worlds, which include pirate raids and musicals, can't there?

There will be a way. Dammit, there will be a way. Dammit, someone will find it.

Unless everyone would rather not be explained or defended at all, in which case I can put down the crusading spear and go out for a stiff drink.