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Pavilion is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about multiple personality.


Thank you Wicks

More Press Kit Ideas

The Hondas are no longer with Pavilion, but this text from them might give us some ideas how to expand and improve the press kit and publicity in general for Pavilion.


"Press Release including who, what, where, when, and why, background on the issue, and important quotes"

Who: People who live more than one to a body and see this as acceptable

What: Multiplicity, or plurality, or whatever you care to call it. Both, perhaps? We tend to think that the words aren't as important as the ideas behind them, but on to the next subject.

Where: The house next door. The cubicle across the hall. The guy in the car behind you yakking on a cell phone. The world.

When: No time like the present to be changing people's perceptions, eh?

Why: Why not? Errr, that flippant response was to hopefully deter a tide of bitterness, but it didn't work. I think we all could go on for hours about "why." We personally are sick of reading of multiples who have been hospitalized against their will, or lost custody of their children. We feel ill when we hear about multiples who have been hurt by people who they thought they could trust because somehow the M-word equals "easy prey" in their minds. We're tired of people deciding that we're automatically insane or in desperate need of help. And we personally feel responsible in part that this is happening because we're simply sitting in the background and doing nearly nothing to counter the voice of the so-called authorities who repeatedly tell the public that all multiplicity is a tragic disease that must be cured at any and all costs.

"Fact Sheets on the issues and basic message statement."

After a bit of consideration, we think that the message we want to send is that we are just like you. We are your friends, your neighbors, your family members. We are going through tragedies and triumphs just as you are, dealing with day-to-day stresses the best we can, and at the end of it all trying to unwind and have a little fun. This has been said before by people who are so much better at expressing it than we are.

"Fact Sheet on your organization and its purpose/programs" "Contact names and numbers of your spokespeople"

This is going to be tough, but absolutely necessary. Let me (that'd be Melissa) be blunt here. I don't think we'll go anywhere unless we have our purpose hammered down and concrete. Yes, we may all KNOW what this purpose is, or think that we do, but what is it? More specifically, where is it? We must get some sort of statement of intent down and agreed upon FIRST before we can do anything else. So let me ask you: What do you think our purpose is? What do you think it should be? We have briefly scribbled our view of things above; is there anything you would change or add?

"Press clips from previous newspaper stories, editorials"

Here is where we need to improvise a bit, because there are nearly no complimentary newspaper stories we can use. What we do have are lots of lovely essays that all of you have written. Would anyone be interested in contributing something they wrote to be used in a press kit?

"Statements of Support, list of endorsements from other groups or officials"

We need these very much!!! We need a doctor on our side. We need a psychologist on our side. We need people who are willing to tell their colleagues they are wrong. We read that people like this do exist. If anyone who fits that description is reading this, would you be willing to contact us?

Ok, that's it for now. Please! If you read this, add your thoughts, tell us we're completely wrong, rip everything to shreds, we don't care. Let's get something started and let's do it now. Because what will happen if we don't? We'll see our friends hurt and get hurt ourselves. And we are tired of it. Enough's enough.


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